Mobile Automatic Friction Feeder Bograma FR 550 Servo C

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Manufacturer 2008.0
Condition Used
mobile automatic friction feeder Bograma FR 550 Servo C
from year 2008
for creating brochures and single sheets for offline operation with:
Bograma- Individual modules, Bograma cutting systems, third-party units, etc.

Technical data
Format min. 148 x 75 mm with 2 vacuum bands
Format min. 75 x 75 mm with 1 vacuum band
Format max. 550 x 320 mm_x000Dicke 5 mm
Product thickness min. 120 grams / m2 paper
Stacking table with sliding side stops
Stack ventilation with blown air
Performance max. According to the performance table
Displacement height adjustable with spindle, 710

D_LatzD_L_x000_D_x000_ 700 mm300 kg
Drivable with rollers
Outlet extension 250 mm
Color: BOGRAMA standard blue RAL 5023
Documentation: German
Display language: German
Electric equipment 60 / n / 16 / N / N / P / N / PEx000D / 60 / Hz 16

Control voltage 24 VDC
Takt control via photocell
Power drives 1.5 kW
Total power 2.0 kW
Drive servomotor
Electrical connection Air) _Drucksup 6bar, customer-side

Fault current circuit breakers can only be used to a limited extent due to the leakage currents of the filters for controllable, motorized drives that are equipped with frequency converters or servo controllers


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